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Heat and Massage Pads

Making you comfortable is our primary goal!

We started noticing that letters from our customers often mentioned that they
used a pillow with the Sonoid Pad to provide greater comfort when massing
bony areas. That got us thinking!

Now the Sonoid Pad from American Massage of WNY, comes with its own detachable pillow for more effective massage. The pillow helps to transmit massage action to the desired area
while providing a greater level of relaxation and extra cushioning to sensitive areas.

Since the pillow wraps around the motor unit, motor noise is lessened as the overall benefit of your massage is enhanced. Firmly help in place with dual
Velcro strips, the pillow can easily be detached when more direct stimulation
is desired.

Here are just a few of the many ways you can incorporate the Heat and Massage Pad into your daily regimen of relaxation. As you begin to use the equipment and learn more about its benefits to your overall health, you'll find many ways to enjoy
the relaxing, therapeutic benefits of this amazing product!
Choose a comfortable chair that is
near a convenient electrical outlet.
Place the heat and massage pad in
an upright position with the pillow at
the top. Just sit back and relax as
you adjust the heat and massage
action to your desired comfort levels.
The pillow cradles your head and lets you relax in comfort.
With the pad on a flat surface, rest your
legs on it so that you ankles rest on the
motor and pillow. Choose the intensity
and length of massage you desire. You'll
get up with renewed energy!

Place your pad on a comfortable, flat
surface – a bed, couch or even the
, if you prefer. Lie down using the new detachable pillow to cradle your head and enjoy relief from the stresses and aches of everyday life.

Using a chair, couch or bed, place the heat and massage pad so that the motor and pillow rest comfortably under your knees. Sit back, relax and let the Sonoid massage to work.


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Heat and Massage Chairs, Heat and Massage Pads also Hand held massagers. Please look through our website to find out
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